Our Board of Trustees elections have taken place and we are delighted to be able to announce our new Board as below,

Staff Representative

  • Kim Sloane

 Parent Representatives

  • Richard Beechey
  • Kevin de Jong
  • David Oakley
  • Julia Tod
  • Tania Wansink

The new Board will effectively take over on 16 June 2016.

We, at Northcross Intermediate, would like to thank our departing Board members for their valuable contribution to the school community during their time in office.

Northcross Intermediate School  Board of  Trustees - effective until 16 June, 2016

  • Richard Beechey (Chairperson)
  • Kevin de Jong
  • Julia Tod
  • Manu Fotu
  • Raewyn Pevreal
  • Jonathon Tredray (Principal)
  • Kevin Faulkner (Executive Officer)
  • Christina  England (Staff Representative)  
  • Lynne Potts (Board Secretary)

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