Toby L 5 (1024x923).jpgGames are played at North Harbour Hockey Stadium, Rosedale on a Tuesday evening for Teams 1 & 2 Girls and Boys, Monday evening for Team 3 Boys or Saturday morning for Team 3 and 4 Girls.  Six aside teams also play on a Tuesday evening.  

The competition runs through the duration of Terms two and three. All information regarding games and times can be found on the Harbour Hockey web site or can be seen below.


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NX Upcoming Events

Mon June 26 - Fri June 30
Matamata, New Zealand
Wed June 28
Thu June 29
7:00pm - 9:30pm
Northcross Intermediate School, 10 Sartors Ave, Northcross, Auckland 0630, New Zealand
Gold coin donation
Fri June 30

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