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This year we have entered three teams into the North Harbour Waterpolo/Millennium Competition.  

Games, Venue & Training - The two teams will be only training in Term 1 - on Monday afternoons from 3.30 to 4.30pm at Millennium, with two of North Harbour Waterpolo Club Coaches taking all trainings. We will inform those who have been successful in making the teams when Trainings will commence the Monday immediately after the teams have been announced (27 February). Competition games in Terms 2, 3 and 4 will take place on a Friday afternoon/evening between 3.45 - 9pm.

Fees$120 per term (if selected for the team)                       

Uniform - If your child is successful in securing a spot in the Waterpolo team, it is necessary that they wear the NX Waterpolo togs. These will be available to order and pay for from our Resource Room. The cost for Girls togs is $115 and the Boys is $60. These are high quality togs specifically designed for Waterpolo.

If you have any questions or queries, please email sport(at)northcross.school.nz

We look forward to another successful NX Waterpolo season!


NX Waterpolo Teams


Teams 1/ 2
These teams will train together on Monday's at 3.30pm. A final selection will be made at the end of the term
  Team 3
This team will train on Monday's at 3.30pm
Albert Boy Room 54   Ryan Cha Room 32
Alec Meban Room 47   Morgan Burke-Kennedy Room 55
Alistar Rogers Room 53   Carter Jones Room 53
Ben Fraser Room 8   Lucy Law Room 33
Erika Patterson Room 60   Amy Law Room 22
Georgia Preston Room 60   Gwendoline COUGHLAN-TOVIA Room 19
Grace Haslam Room 53   Tom Lawrence Room 54
Jack Roberts Room 8   Dayne Hunt Room 45
Jacob Lyndon Room 19   Scarlett Dickenson Room 1
Jayden Ingram Room 3   Isla Jamieson Room 47
Jaz Zanders Room 44   Ash Grantham Room 2
Jett Curteis Room 31   Kyra-Lee Weiland Room 1
Kasey McDowall Room 54      
Kate McIntosh Room 54      
Keanu van de Ven Room 31      
Kenzie McKay Room 54      
Mackenzie Rogers Room 47      
Maddy Short Room 33      
Rose Meban Room 53      
Roxy Lockhard Room 53      
Taygan Richter Room 1      
Waimana Wynyard Room 46      

NX Upcoming Events

Sun March 25
Mon March 26
Wed March 28
Thu March 29

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