Jonathon Tredray (PRINCIPAL: jonathont(at)

Christina England (DEPUTY PRINCIPAL): christinae(at)

Wendy Naidu (DEPUTY PRINCIPAL):  wendyn(at)

Kevin Faulkner (EXECUTIVE OFFICER): kevinf(at)

Murray Toohill (ICT DIRECTOR): murrayt(at)

Shannon Hale (SPORTS  DIRECTOR): shannonh(at)

Annie Lloyd (SENCO): anniel(at)

Andrew Bolland (PROPERTY MANAGER): andrewb(at)

Sharon Hines (International Student Coordinator): sharonh(at)

Anna Inger (International Accommodation Coordinator): annai(at)

Lynne Potts (Principal/Board Secretary): lynnep(at)

Kaye Taylor (Librarian): kayet(at)

Keli Dean (Nurse): kelid(at)

Donne Greentree (Reception): donneg(at)

Dianne Rose (Resource Manager): dianner(at)


Joel King (R6 Associate Principal Totara): joelk(at)

Kate Volmuller (R15 Associate Principal Matai): katev(at)

Karin Fenton (R19 Associate Principal Kowhai): karinf(at)

Jill Haslam (R31 Associate Principal Nikau): jillh(at)

Belinda Hemme (R40 Associate Principal Kauri): belindah(at)

Marius Spencer (R44 Associate Principal Rimu): mariuss(at)

Wendy Johnston (R54 ILC Associate Principal Rata): wendyj(at)

Glen Savage (R46 Associate Principal Puriri): gsavage(at)

Graham Rickards (Associate Principal Technology): grahamr(at)


Chloe Smith (R1): chloes(at)

Juliet Hamblyn (R2): julieth(at)

Monique Auths (R3): moniquea(at)

Maraea Rameka (R8): maraear(at)

Louisa Grant (R9): louisag(at)

Lyndon Hohaia (R10): lyndonh(at)

Daniel Wyatt (R17): danielw(at)

Kel Hartell (R20): kelh(at)

Meg Clements (R21): megc(at)

Suzanne Hodgins (R32): suzanneh(at)

Sophie Carr (R33): sophiec(at)

Alana Prestwood (R34): alanap(at)

Louise McMenamin (R35): louisem(at)

Kirsten Bell (R40): kirstenb(at)

Kristy Buckley (R41): kristyb(at)

Walla Jebreil (R42): wallaj(at)

Leah McNee (R43): leahm(at)

Kevin Palmer (R45): kevinp(at)

Kaajal Lal (R48): kaajall(at)

Vanessa Fowles (R49): vanessaf(at)

Sam Hayden (R50): samh(at)

Leane Barry (R51): leaneb(at)

Tracey Pickford (R52 Academy of Arts): traceyp(at)

Scott Washer (R53 Sports Class): scottw(at)

Janine Joyce (R55 ILC): janinej(at)

Carl Timmis (R56): carlt(at)

Nick George (R57): nickg(at)

Sam Ratcliffe (R59): samr(at)

Dominee Williams (R60): domineew(at)

Mark Jensen (Drama): markj(at)

Amanda Gummer (Art Tech): amandag(at)

Marc Rowlinson (microelectronics): marcr(at)

Toni Godfrey (Food Technology): tonig(at)

Hayley Barrowcliffe (Biotechnology): hayleyb(at)

Alison Oliver-Smith (Design): alisono(at)

Chris Hart-Crombie (Hard Materials): chrishc(at)

Katrina Starrs (HOD Maths): katrinas(at)

Tui Bennett (HOD Literacy): tuib(at)

Annette Thomas (ESOL): annettet(at)

Fiona Lander (ESOL): fional(at)

Glenis Martin (FPS): glenism(at)

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