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Please open the links below for information regarding the 2019 school bus routes and the expected standard of behaviour for students using the bus services.

Any questions please contact Donne at the school office at Ph: (09) 477 0167




Okura Bus 

The Ritchies bus service that runs in the morning and also in the afternoon, for students who live 3.2 kilometers or more away from the school, is a free bus service.  Students who live within the 3.2 kilometer zone may still use this bus service, but will need to pay the correct fare. The cost of one ticket card(10 trips) is $20 or $2,5 cash, for a single trip, one way.

Please note from Monday, 22 July 2019 (start of term 3), there will be timetable and minor route changes to morning school service 029: Silverdale To Northcross Intermediate and Rangitoto College.

The 029 will now start from 6 Hibiscus Coast Hwy (4835), instead of starting from East Coast Road near Spur Road (4233). The change has been made so that the students using the route 128 (from Helensville and Kaukapakapa), could transfer to 029 from Hibiscus Coast Station to 6 Hibiscus Coast Hwy.

The 029 will now start from 07:48, instead of 08:00. 128 from Helensville arrives at Hibiscus Coast Station at 07:40. The students will have more than sufficient time (8 minutes) to transfer to 029 at 6 Hibiscus Coast Hwy.

We have reviewed the timetable of 029 and noticed that it required more run time as the 029 bus has been constantly running late. Hence, we are starting the trip 12 minutes earlier. Some students will need to wait at the bus stop 10 minutes earlier than their usual scheduled 029 bus arrival time.

These changes will not appear in Journey Planner until 17 August 2019, but AT school timetable and notification in Journey Planner will be updated.

The below is the new route descriptions of the 029.

6 Hibiscus Coast Hwy (4835), Hibiscus Coast Highway, (R) East Coast Road, 787 East Coast Rd (3157) Northcross Intermediate, East Coast Road, (R) Rangitoto College Bus Bay (4426)

The below are the summary of the changes:

·             Trip starts at 07.48am, instead of 08.00am

·             Trip starts from Stop 4835 (6 Hibiscus Coast Hwy), instead of East Coast Rd near Spur Rd

·             Arrival time at 08.36am, instead of 08.35am

Bus Safety

 -Loading – just a reminder for common sense and not pushing, wait well back from the curb as the bus approaches and load in a single file – in an orderly manner

-Exiting – ensure the students, after getting off the bus, stand back on the curb or road side and wait until the bus has left – before they think about crossing the road – this ensures they have a clear view of other vehicles coming from either direction before they cross the road, and also gives other road users a clearer view of them once the bus is out of the way.

-Whilst on the bus kids should always be seated where ever possible, not swinging on the handles etc nor climbing over the seats

-HOP cards / tickets – if parents or the students can ensure their cards are topped up (and preferably have auto top up on) as there are regularly students wanting to board with no money

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