Thank you for taking the time to review these guidelines to assist with parking and traffic flow in Sartors Ave/East Coast Road before and after school.

Students are allowed to enter and leave via the back gate, but parents are asked not to use this entrance as it is reserved for staff only.

The signage and parking requirements are set down by Auckland Transport with penalties being issued by them. Our major role at these times is to ensure the complete safety of our students on the crossing, in the bus bay and walking through the school grounds.

If you are in an inappropriate position at any of these points, you will be spoken to by staff members, Traffic Wardens or the Police. The latter two will issue infringements for not observing the parking requirements posted on the signage.

We have listed some of these below with guidelines that need to be adhered to.

We hope this will be of some help to clarify the system set by Auckland Transport with respect to student and parent safety.

Thank you 


The area below the crossing and opposite the bus bay is a drop off and pick up point. No longer than 5 minutes and drivers must stay with their cars. The outer kerb of the bus bay is also a drop off point but only in the morning as buses are there in the afternoon.


The areas above the crossing and below the bus bay entrance are no stopping areas during these times. Not even for dropping off students or picking up in the afternoon. This is to aid the flow of traffic and is a fineable offence


The road in front of the school is a no U turn zone as the signage shows. This again is to avoid accidents and ensure the safety of our students. Police will enforce if infringements are seen.



The bus bay can be used as a drop off point up until 8.30am. After this time, buses will be dropping off students and parents will need to find alternative drop off points out side the bay. It can be used to pick up in the afternoon after 3.30pm, when the last bus has departed


The school gate is locked from 2.50pm until 3.15pm or prior if the last school bus has left. This is to allow a safe passage for our students while leaving the school grounds at 3.00pm. This is a requirement as set down in the Health and Safety in Employment Act: section 6.2 and is endorsed by Auckland Transport.

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