AIMS Games 2022

In the first week of September over 140 Northcross athletes headed to Tauranga  for the annual AIMS Games, ready to give their all against the best the country could offer. After having the last two AIMS Games canceled, everyone was incredibly excited to get there and be a part of this awesome experience.

It was an amazingly successful week for all our athletes as they showed outstanding determination and commitment, playing their hearts out in the hope that they could secure a win and be one step closer to achieving the ultimate goal – the title “NZ Champions”. The skill, agility, stamina and talent shown by all, was incredibly impressive and while there were some nerve wracking, and at times heartbreaking moments, our students showed outstanding character and resilience, making NX very, very proud. The NX team also displayed incredible sportsmanship throughout the week, supporting not only each other but other schools as well – they were all excellent ambassadors for NX.   

This year we achieved, overall, some of the best results in our 15 years of attending AIMS – with 8 of our Team Codes and many of our Individual Code athletes finishing in the top 10 of their respective competition. This in itself is a massive achievement.

For a full list of results check out the AIMS page in our NX Beacon

Shannon Hale – Sport Director

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