Year 7 Challenger Series

We have recently completed our Year 7 Challenger Series. Due to Covid restrictions we had to modify our Challenger Series programme, making it school-based this year. We engaged with BigFoot Adventures who provided the students an opportunity to participate in Mountain Biking, Archery, Adventure Based Learning Games and Orienteering. Each class spent a day completing the activities, challenging themselves while building excellent team skills. 

Mr Mark Jensen spent a morning with each class, leading learning towards making a traditional Maori kite. These sessions intertwined Māori myths and legends and was a great opportunity for the students to work together to produce their kite.

Barefoot Harry worked with each class for a half-day session, utilising the Northcross Bush. The students were exposed to shelter building, water purification and an all-time favourite - outdoor cooking, where the students plan and cook a meal. Harry Scott has been working with our school for the past few years and his programme has become an integral part of our Challenger Series programme.

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