If your child is unwell please keep them home. If you suspect it is due to Covid 19 please follow the latest Ministry of Health guidelines. It is not necessary for your child to isolate if any other house hold members have tested positive for Covid 19.

Your child may return to school after a negative test or when symptoms have resolved.

It is a Ministry requirement to have caregiver notification of a student’s absence in order for the correct attendance code to be assigned and to ensure good records are maintained. Caregivers should contact the school by 9.30am if their child is absent.

It is our preference that caregivers use the @school mobile app to notify us of a student absence or lateness. If caregivers have difficulty using the app, please phone: 09 477 0167 and follow the prompts to leave an answer phone message or email both the office: office(at)northcross.school.nz  and class teacher.

In the event that a student has been marked absent and the office have not received notification from a caregiver, then a message will be sent to caregiver(s) regarding the whereabouts of the student.

All students arriving or leaving to/from school outside the official school hours of 8:45am and 3pm must sign in or out at the office regardless of previous notification been given.

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