3 on 3 Touch

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· Games are 9 minutes each way with 1 minute for half time.

· There is no roll ball in the game at all.

· To start the game and after a try; Tap the ball on the ground and run or pass to team member.

· You cannot tap and run except when: A. It is the start of the game. B. The Halftime start. C. A Penalty.

· No Diving!

· Must wear shoes.

· PE uniform is fine. Bibs provided.

Penalties: (Proper Touch Tap and Run)

· Touch and Pass

· Off the Mark

· Forward Pass

· No Touch

· Offside

· Incorrect Subbing

· Obstruction

· Diving

· Misconduct

· More than 3 on the Court

· Excessive Force in effecting a Touch


Turnovers: (Tap on Ground and Pass)

· Incorrect Tap

· Dropped Ball to Ground

· 6th Touch

· Out of Court

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