3 on 3 Touch

3 on 3 TOUCH DRAW - TERM 1 2022

3 on 3 Touch 2022


Kia ora Parents and Students! Please ensure you have read the 'Northcross 3 on 3 Touch 2022' Info below BEFORE completing this form.  

When: FRIDAY’s Term 1. Start date - Friday 18 February. FINALS - Thursday 12th April.

ENTRIES WILL CLOSE Tuesday 15th February! Draw will go out Wednesday/Thursday 16th or 17th February for the term.

Game Times: 3:15pm (R1), 3:40pm (R2), 4:05pm (R3), 4:30pm (R4), 4:55pm (R5) There may also be 5:20pm and 5:45pm rounds dependent on interest!

Where: NX Astroturf

What: Boys and Girls Grades only. Minimum of 4 per team. If you want to put in a Mixed Team, you will be placed in the Boys Grade.

Cost: $15 a Player

No games for Friday 18th March and 25th March because of Y8 Camp.
FINALS Round is on a Wednesday night so you can get away for the holiday's on the Thursday afternoon/ Friday!

Please note: Due to the current Covid RED level, we will be taking a few extra precautions to protect those involved in this Competition. 

  • Only those playing or officiating in each Round, will be allowed on the Astro
  • Separate entrance and exits to the Astro will be used
  • Teams waiting to go onto the turf, please wait on the grass bank
  • We ask that there are no Parents/Spectators at the games
  • Any officials, teachers, scorers are encouraged to wear a mask or socially distance


  • Get your team together! Must have 4 players minimum and 6 maximum.
  • Once you have your team sorted, go onto the NX Online Shop and register. Your whole team must know your Team Name before you can register via the Online Shop. Please make sure each member of your team spells your team name the same or you may end up in a team of one and not registered!
  • If you have 4 players paid then your Team will be registered!
  • If a player from another team takes the court for your team, it is an automatic default. That is why it's suggest you have the full 6 players registered. 


  • Must wear shoes. (Non-Negotiable!)
  • PE Uniform or Mufti is fine. No formal uniform!
  • Bibs are provided.
  • Games are 9 minutes each/with 1 minute for half time.

1. There is no roll ball in the game at all.
2. To start the game, a restart after a try, halftime start or a penalty (see below), simply place ball on ground. Take hands off ball. Tap ball with foot (so it moves). Pick up and run or pass. This is a proper touch tap.
3. ABSOLUTELY No Diving! 
4. All other turnover restarts you simply tap the ball on the ground and pass. (See below)
5. At no stage can you tap and run, unless it is a penalty and you have completed a proper touch tap.
6. Defenders to be 3m back.
7. There is no ‘rolling out of the 5’ near the try line.

Penalties: (Proper Touch Tap and Run or Pass)

  • Touch and Pass/Off the Mark/Forward Pass/Offside
  • No Touch/Diving/Obstruction/Incorrect Subbing
  • Excessive Force in effecting a Touch/Misconduct
  • Turnovers: (Tap Ball on Ground and Pass)
  • Incorrect Tap/Dropped Ball to Ground
  • 6th Touch/Out of Court

Any questions, see Mr Washer in Rm 53.


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