Cross Country

Congratulations to all our students who represented us at the NH Cross Country Zone Day! Amy Hurly and Three of our NX Teams**  are through to the Auckland InterZone Day, which is held at the A&P Showgrounds on the 3rd September. Below are the results:

**Team placing was identified by adding the place of the first eight competitors from each school. 

 Year 7- Girls

Year 7- Boys

1. Amy Hurly

1. Gab Sloane


2. David Pringle


3. Niko Jelas


4. Jayden Oxley


5. Oisin Sanna


6. Cameron Buckingham


7. Levi Dawson


8. Ryan Burke


 Year 8- Girls

Year 8- Boys

1. Kate Borton

1. Ryan Fleming

2. Holly Beaumont

2. Isaac Kirkpatrick

3. Skye Ivatt

3. Kody Power

4. Kenzie Longmuir

4. Jacob Souster

5. Georgia Knight

5. Ryan Haves

6. Erin Wilkinson

6. Theo Curtis

7. Lilly Lewis

7. Ben Bibbie

8. Summer Bailey

8. Peter Morley



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