Both our Y8 and Y7 Boys teams are North Harbour Futsal Champions for 2019. Amazing football and awesome attitude by all the lads. Thanks to Codey Phoenix for stepping in as coach for the day and to our incredible helpers Tom Malone and Conner de Gier for coaching the Y7 B Team so superbly. 

Y8 Team 

Jack Young
Carlos Takayama
Luke Usher
Jack Power
Phoenix Van Der Berg
Dylan Black
Will Xiong
Orlando Thorpe
Porter Eddy
Harry Crawford

Y7 Team A

Riley Byrne
Kai Barrett
Lael Diedricks
Riley McNeil
Gab Sloane
Kelvin Goldstein
Rio Gillet
Jimi Southgate

Y7 Team B

Ollie Ward
Aston Ingram
Leon Grootsholten
Nick Cheng
Jared Davies
Levi Dawson
Tommy Rossiter
Niko Jelas


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