As always, we go through a very thorough selection process to finalise our teams and players have been placed in a team that our selectors have determined best suits their ability and experience. While inevitably there has been some movement of players, both up and down teams, it is important to remember that this movement can be a result of the following factors:

  • New players who didn’t play last year can also create movement for other players, especially if they are placed in a higher team, resulting in other players moving down to a lower team.

  • Individual development and growth over the summer months. If individual players have put in an extra effort and completed additional training over the holiday, this can definitely show during trials, resulting in higher performance on the court and some movement between teams.   

We understand that some students will have questions regarding the trial process and eventually the team selection – if your child does, please ask them to see Mrs Thomas in Room 16.

As per our Sports Selection Policy, no correspondence regarding team selection will be entered into. If you wish to view it, please refer to our school website. 


NX 1  NX 1 
1 Shiloh-Grace Robinson 1 Adan RAJAH
2 Harini NELLIPUDI 2 William Beattie
3 Erin Cornelius 3 Kees Thorburn
4 Keera Dotcom 4 Blake Dennis
5 Ava Rich 5 Cooper Larritt
6 Ivy Shaw 6 Louie Zaloum
7 Leah Ellis 7 Monty Cruickshank
8 Emma Wessels (goalie) 8 Brody Cheek
9 Kylee Dotcom 9 Murdo McLeod
Coach: Carey Wessels Coach: Jarryd Russell
Manager: Suzanne Cornelius Manager: Mike Cruickshank
NX 2  NX 2 
1 Alyssia Pringle 1 Luca Sisson
2 Sienna Shead 2 Ben Keoghan
3 Nivaane Chand 3 Alex Hotter
4 Ella Giles 4 Benjamin Sentch
5 Zirah Browne 5 Brody Ridgway
6 Emma Dowthwaite 6 Juan De Vleeschauwer
7 Bailey Le Maitre 7 Toryn Poole
8 Desiree Turbak 8 Zeeke BURGER
9 Emily Barton (goalie) 9  
Coach: TBC Coach: TBC
Manager: TBC Manager: TBC
1 Tanith Dennis 1 Alex Powney
2 Milla Rossouw 2 Zach Cavander
3 McKenna Croft 3 Ray Ling
4 Alyssa Anderson 4 Jake McCarty
5 Bingjay Wang 5 Braeden Carroll
6 Sophia Gallantree 6 Jayden Jones
7 Ailing Ge 7 Lucas Evans
8 Isla van Loggerenberg 8 Shawn Jia
9 Georgia Clark 9  
Coach: TBC Coach: TBC
Manager: TBC Manager: TBC
1 Emily Johansen 1 Xavier Grogan
2 Hannah Lee 2 Jonathan Budden
3 Sophie Vasar 3 Boyang Duan
4 Ruby Maxwell-Bates 4 Keagan Bresser
5 Ashleigh CATTERALL 5 Balian du Preez
6 Sophie Lau 6 Mason Lusher
7 Annette Callander 7 Archie Roberts
8 Allegra Pires 8 Rocky Hang
9 Marlena Bolter 9  
Coach: Lisa/Rob Johansen Coach: TBC
Manager: Megan Catterall Manager: TBC
    1 Charlie Sentch
    2 Connor Freeman
    3 Liam Wewege
    4 Tyler Stevens
    5 Franco Librandi
    6 Eli Lawrie-Ross
    7 Flint Brown
    8 Alex Bidois
    9 Caleb BATES
    Coach: TBC
    Manager: TBC
    1 Jackson Berry
    2 Cooper Middlewick
    3 Jai Dawson
    4 Justin Bong
    5 Xuancheng Hou
    6 Regardt Princlay
    7 Jack Zhang
    8 Logan Tatton
    9 Antony Zhao
    Coach: TBC
    Manager: TBC
      Goalies - to be placed in teams
      Zach Sentch
      Xander Blanchfield
      Zack Van Grinsven
      Scott Tucker

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Registration will be open from Monday 16th January for those students wanting to play Hockey for Northcross in 2023. Before your child commits to this sport there is some very important information you need to know

Games and Venue  

Games are played at North Harbour Hockey Stadium, Rosedale. All Teams will play on Tuesday afternoon/evenings. The competition runs through the duration of Terms 2 and 3.  All information regarding games and times can be found on the Harbour Hockey website North Harbour Hockey Association – Harbour Hockey once competition commences.

Fees         Girls and Boys      $215                       

To register your child for Hockey, you will need to go to the NX Online Shop (you can find the link on the Northcross Website). A $55 deposit will be required with registration. This deposit is non-refundable. Once teams have been formed, the remainder of the balance will be required to be paid on the Online Shop.  The date for this payment is still to be confirmed but will be in the middle of Term 2.  Registrations close on Tuesday 15 February - 3pm. 

Coaches & Managers

If you have had previous experience with coaching/managing Hockey teams and would like to help out with a team this year, please  email katev(at) 

All Coaches and Managers are required to be police vetted by Northcross. If you are keen to take on one of these roles and have not yet been police vetted by our school, please email sport(at) and we will send you through the relevant forms to fill out.

Thank you for your support in Hockey. We look forward to another successful season for Northcross Intermediate School.


NX Upcoming Events

Tue December 5
7:00pm - 8:30pm
Wed December 6
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Wed December 13
7:30pm - 9:30pm

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