Y7 Trial Group 1 - 9am Y7 Trial Group 2 - 10am
Keira Sams Room 05    
Jayda Wong Room 06 Ava Elliott Room 05
Adryana Danks Room 07 Chloe Rolleston Room 05
Mae Duncan Room 07 Teagan Russell Room 05
Chrissie Xu Room 07 Tasman McNamee Room 07
Jyothsana Suresh Room 13 Zoe Rhind Room 07
Havana Poole Room 13 Bella Steenson Room 13
Amelia Ferrari Room 17 Erin Martin Room 13
Codi Roozendaal Room 17 Chloe Lemon Room 13
Bianca Drever Room 17 Katie Manu Room 13
Holly Mayne Room 17 Bella Howard Room 13
Teigan Moore Room 17 Madison Bennett Room 13
Meya Yu Room 17 Hope Williams Room 13
Alayna AHMED Room 19 Ruby Pemberton Room 17
Veronika Meshkova Room 19 Renee Proulx Room 19
Maya Dayem Room 33 Adrianne Laird Room 19
Seraiah Coe Room 33 Indie Sharp Room 31
Katelin Cargeege Room 33 Camryn Chapman-Smith Room 33
Amber Owen Room 33 Kyla McKenlay Room 33
Victoria Wyndham Room 33 Saya Lang Room 33
Ella Chung Room 34 Maisoon Mohammed Hourani Room 34
Chelsea Simpson Room 34 Gemma Uenuku Room 40
Bethany Brunton Room 34 Tali Jensen-Adlam Room 40
Stella Taylor Room 40 Grace Kirkpatrick Room 40
Aston Taylor Room 40 Lexie Findlater Room 40
Kylie Smit Room 44 Loren Brock Room 42
Willow Reynolds Room 44 Kaitlin Marais Room 42
Demi Wyatt Room 44 Rosie Richardson Room 44
Shrae Murray Room 44 Tali Ross Room 44
Joanne Hall Room 45 Taya Underwood Room 45
Madison Middlewick Room 45 Freya Williams Room 45
Madeline Power Room 45 Rori Seymour Room 45
Luka Stenton Room 46 Maia Osman Room 45
Cathy WU Room 46 Alesha Treadwell Room 45
Katie Lee Room 47 Imogen Anderson Room 45
Joanna Kim Room 47 Ruby Message Room 48
Antonia Tvrdeich Room 47 Kiara Joubert Room 48
Emily Pollett Room 47 Caitlin DUNCAN Room 48
Saba Ahmad Room 49 Keira Costain Room 48
Kayleigh TSIMAS Room 49 Ella Irving Room 55
Emi liang Room 52 Samantha Hewitt Room 55
Milla Glasgow Room 52 Emme Kirkcaldie Room 56
Erykah Fenton-Singh Room 52 Brooke Copelan Room 56
Abigail Ellis Room 52 Priyanshi Jain Room 56
Olga Domracheva Room 52 Gabby Lu Room 57
Tyler Patuki Room 52 Eden McDonald Room 57
Emma Turpin Room 55 Aanya Leigh Room 58
Sienna Wharton Room 55 Brooke Witherington Room 58
Lila Mullen Room 55    
Chloe Green Room 55    
Emily Karlsson Room 56    
Mia Nancarrow Room 56    
Vicky Zheng Room 57    
Thea Slater Room 58    
Nikita Carter-Batty Room 58    
Lare Koen Room 58    
Melika Rudez Room 58    
Milan Tohill Room 58  


Registration will be open from Wednesday 16th December for those students wanting to play Netball for Northcross in 2021. Before your child commits to this sport there is some very important information you need to know.

Games and Venue

Games are played at Netball North Harbour, Onewa Rd - Year 7 & 8 teams play on a Tuesday for Year 7 and Thursday for Year 8 with rounds starting at 4.00 pm and played at 45 minute intervals, with the final round starting at 6.30pm. Please be aware that games times are random between the rounds and commitment is required from 4.00 pm through to 7.15pm. 

All information regarding games and times can be found at  once competition commences.  

Fees :        Girls and Boys      $170.00                   

To register your child for Netball this year, you will need to go to the NX Online Shop (you can find the link on the Northcross Website). A $50 deposit will be required with registration. This deposit is non-refundable. Once teams have been formed, the remainder of the balance will be split into two amounts and both will be required to be paid on the Online Shop. The dates for these payments are still to be confirmed. Registrations close on Monday 15th February - 3pm.


All students who register, will be placed in a team, however in order to ensure your child has been placed in the team that is right for them, trials will take place. The trials will be held at Northcross during the school day, the players being released periodically from their classes when called. Although we appreciate the support from parents, due to the format of the trials it is advised that parents do not attend.

Trials will take place on Friday 19 February (Year 8’s) & Friday 26 February (Year 7’s) from 9am – 3pm; Friday 5 March will be used as a Callback day from 9am - 3pm.

Coaches, Managers and Umpires

Each team will need a coach and manager. If we cannot get enough coaches we will have to reduce the number of teams and unfortunately some children will miss out on playing. If you are interested in being a coach or manager for Netball, please indicate this on registration.

All Coaches and Managers are required to be police vetted by Northcross. If you are keen to take on one of these roles and have not yet been police vetted by our school, please email sport(at) and we will send you through the relevant forms to fill out.

Netball North Harbour will be holding Coaching Courses for those who wish to attend.  Please see their website for further details regarding this. 

If you have any questions or queries regarding Northcross Netball, please feel free to email sport(at)

Thank you for your support in netball. We look forward to another successful season for Northcross Intermediate School.


The NX Netball teams for 2020 are listed below.

As always, we go through a very thorough selection process to finalise our teams and players have been placed in a team that our selectors have determined best suits their ability and experience.

There has been some movement of players, both up and down teams - it is important to remember that this movement can be a result of the following factors:

  • The position your child plays. As we can’t have a team made up of all mid-courters (for example), some stronger players may be named in teams that are of a lower ability. This is a direct result of the number of players who play that position. 

  • New players who didn’t play last year can also create movement for other players, especially if they are placed in a higher team, resulting in other players moving down to a lower team.

  • Individual development and growth over the summer (and lockdown) months. If individual players have put in an extra effort and completed further training over the past few months, this can definitely show during trials, resulting in higher performance on the court and some movement between teams.   

We understand that some students will have questions regarding the trial process and eventually the team selection – if your child does, please ask them to see me. 

As per our Sports Selection Policy, no correspondence regarding team selection will be entered into. If you wish to view it, please refer to our school website. 





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