Kia ora and welcome to the start of another exciting rugby season for 2021!

A big NX greeting to all the new Y7 players and their parents to NX - we have high hopes for another successful season with NX entering several tournaments and grades (dependent on numbers.)

Below are the dates for this season's school rugby so kids, please make sure you timetable these dates into your HW Diary so you are mega organised and are showing excellent time management skills! Please stay on top of your schoolwork and make sure your behaviour is of the highest standard. Northcross expects all players and parents to represent themselves, your family, the school and the community in an exceptional manner.

Finally, a reminder to all players and parents that the selection of players is very difficult given the quality of players and numbers here at Northcross. If you miss training’s/meetings without letting us know then that is one way we cut down the squads. Please always listen to and read the This Day Notices and constantly read them each day! 

A player's position in any team will be determined by the coach of that team and where he/she feels the player best serves the TEAM. It is very important that players and parents are aware of this before making the decision to play. Please refer to and read our Sports Selection Policies on the School Website and Code of Conduct Form.

Term 2 we will start selecting our squads for the season. The teams you can trial for are as follows:

  • NH Champs Zone Day U45kg Boys (15 aside)

  • NH Champs Zone Day U55kg or Open Weight Boys (15 aside) One (or both) of these sides attend will be dependent on numbers. 

  • NH Girls 7’s Zone Day (Open Weight and U57kg)

  • Auckland Champs (if we qualify)

  • Pre AIMS 7’s Tournaments (x2) Boys (and Girls if we have an AIMS Open Weight Team)

  • Boys AIMS Open Weight 7’s Team (and Girls if numbers and interest are strong)

In 2021 we will again be sending a Boys Open Weight 7’s Teams to the NZCT AIMS Sporting Championships in Tauranga. Interest and numbers will determine whether or not we send a Girls Rugby 7’s Team to AIMS. 

Here’s to another exciting season and I really look forward to catching up with you all on the sidelines at some stage throughout Terms 2-3 for 2021! Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need any clarification of anything!


Team Reach App and This Day Notices

Team Reach Group Name = NX Rugby 2021

Team Reach Group Code = Legacy21

Registrations and Weigh-Ins

Registrations via Google Form will begin between now and the end of Week 1 in Term 2. Click here to fill out the form. Only students will be able to register using their NX Google account. Trials will begin in Week 1 of Term 2 for all sides. Please keep an eye on the notices and the Team Reach App for trials/training days and times from your coach as these plans may change.

Tournament Dates

  • NH Girls 7’s Zone Day (U57kg/Open Weight)-Thursday 3rd June. Venue-Northcross Int.

  • NH Boys U45kg and U55kg or Open Weight Rugby Zone Day (15 aside)-Wednesday 23rd June. Saver Day-Friday 25th June.

  • Boys Auckland Champs Interzone Day-Tuesday 29th June. Save Day is Tuesday 6th July. (Usually unable to attend because of Sports Camp, but if a team qualifies we will make up the numbers to send a team.)

  • Pre AIMS Tournaments. TBC. Term 2/Term 3.

  • NZCT AIMS Sporting Championships (Tauranga): Sunday 5th September-Saturday 11th September. Open Weight 7’s. Venue: Blake Park Park, Mt. Maunganui.

Training Days/Times/Coaches

  • U45kg Boys 15 aside Team. Coach-Kel Hartell. Training in mornings 7:15am. Day TBC. Start date TBC.

  • U55kg Boys 15 aside Team. Coach. Marius Spencer. Training etc TBC. (Dependent on numbers.)

  • Open Weight Boys 15 aside Team. Coach-Scott Washer. Training in mornings 7:15am. Day TBC. Start date-TBC.  

  • AIMS 7’s Open Weight Boys Team. Coach-Scott Washer. Training in mornings 7:15am-8:30am. Day; TBC. Start date; TBC. 

  • Girls Open Weight/U57kg  7’s. Coach-Scott Washer. Training in mornings 7:15am-8:30am. Day; TBC. Start date; TBC. 

PLEASE NOTE: If a training does not go ahead, you will be notified on the Team Reach App (Scott Washer’s Teams) or by the communication system each coach has set up. We will try and have all teams notifications on the Team Reach App..


Scott Washer-TIC Northcross Rugby



Be a part of the tradition and success!!!! 



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