Table Tennis

NORTHCROSS TABLE TENNIS TEAMS - Afterschool League - Term 2


All teams are now playing in the 5pm to 7pm session.

NX Team 1  
Vincent Quan Room 33
David Zhang Room 33
Xiran Dou Room 33
NX Team 2  
Jamie Noom Room 43
Koby Stanaway Room 43
Noah Gordon Room 10
NX Team 3  
William Sherpa Room 15
Max Meeske Room 33
Drico Slabber Room 07
NX Team 4  
Samantha Ridgley Room 55
Skye Duncan Room 42
Betty Shen Room 54
Emily Coffman Room 31
NX Team 5  
Nathan Hand Room 59
Yuetian Michael LIU Room 47
Edison Jiang Room 55
NX Team 6  
Ethan Qi Room 46
Alex Hotter Room 34
Kevin Liu Room 20
NX Team 7  
Kody Ivatt Room 33
Jimmy McDermott Room 35
Lucas Allatt Room 35
NX Team 8  
Liam Theck Room 47
Dillon Hitchcock Room 60
Ryan Stuckey Room 33
Theo Collings Room 57
NX Team 9  
Eli Ropati Room 22
Andrew Auld Room 21
Shawn Jin Room 57
Aaryan Nathani Room 41
NX Team 10  
Logan PILLAY Room 46
Logan Sparrow Room 08
Michael Brown Room 08




VENUE - Games will be played at North Harbour Table Tennis stadium, 5a Akoranga Drive, Northcote (behind the Y.M.C.A).

DATES - Commences Wednesday 11 May. Games take place every Wednesday afternoon from 5pm to 7pm or 7pm to 9pm (you will be able to indicate which session you would prefer)

The Competition outline:

  • More than 3 players may be listed in a team for the term though only 3 can play on any one night.  Any number of reserves may be used as long as they are from that school.

  • A team may consist of boys, girls or play as a mixed team.

  • Every player gets to play 5 matches per night.  Matches will be the best of 3 games (sets) up to 11 points.

  • Players should bring their own bats and wear non-marking sand-shoes.

  • It is required that your child will be available to play each week.

  • Players are required to umpire their allocated games as stated on the results sheet.

  • COVID requirements - adults must show vaccine pass and wear a mask; children are not required to wear masks while playing and are not required to have a vaccine pass. 

**If you are interested in being a part of a team – please go to the NX Online Shop, click on NHTT Term 2 League and complete the Registration process and payment of $40. You will then be placed in a team.

**If you have already organised a team of 3 players, please go to the NX Online Shop, click on NHTT Term 2 League and complete the Registration process and payment, please ensure you state the names of those in your team when asked.

Please note: there will NOT be a Northcross staff representative at the venue each week – it is the parent's responsibility to ensure that their child is supervised.

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