North Harbour Schools Invitational Trampoline Competition

**To enter this Event, please go to the NX Online Shop and complete the permission and payment process to confirm registration. Entries Close: Wednesday 25th September 2019

Following the great success of previous competitions, North Shore Trampoline Club have decided to host another regional competition. The competition is open to all Primary, Intermediate and Secondary school students who live in the North Harbour region. An invitation is extended to athletes enrolled in trampoline clubs in the Greater Auckland Area.

Competition Venue: Main Stadium North Shore Events Centre (please enter building via rear entrance) Silverfield (off Porana Road)

Comp Start Times:  Years 7-8: 2.00pm

Competition Date: Sunday 20th October 2019

Entry Fee: $20 per competitor

Free Practice Session: North Shore Trampoline Club will be open free of charge on Saturday 19th October to allow potential competitors the opportunity to practise their routines and be accustomed to an Olympic Style Trampoline. The free practice sessions will be held in the North Shore Trampoline Club training area on the mezzanine floor at North Shore Events Centre.

Students in Years 7-13 please attend 3.30-5.30pm free practice session

When you arrive at the North Shore Events Centre please park your car around to the right-hand end of the building. The club entrance is as at the rear of the North Shore Events Centre through the first set of green double doors which have stairs leading up to our warm up area.

Trampoline Comp Rules & Grades

There are 4 age-based competitions. Each age group has medals awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each level; and a Top School Cup (team competition). Teams will be determined by the 3 highest ranked competitors (after competing) from the same school and within the same age group. . 

  • Any number of competitors may enter from each school.
  • Children should be accompanied by parent supervision (no teachers required).
  • Teams will consist of 3 members from any level within their age group (higher scores will be awarded according to skill and difficulty).
  • The winning school in each age group competition will be established by the two top teams challenging each other in a final “bounce off”.
  • Each competitor nominates the level they wish to compete in the competition.
  • Competitors may wear school sport gear (preferred), leotard or shorts/t-shirt (but not the club leotard). Please make sure you bring a pair of socks to jump in. We would prefer white ankle socks but school sports socks will do.
  • Judging will be done by a panel of officially qualified trampoline judges and coaches according to rules set for this competition (this is because we have different rules than normal, ie lower levels min score is 5.0). Judges decisions will be final.

Note to parents: Children attending this competition may be photographed with images displayed on our club website, club Facebook page or club newsletter to announce medal recipients, winners of the school trophies and for club promotional purposes only.

Trampoline Levels:

Level 1 starts with simple individual bouncing skills easily learned at home.

Levels 2 to 5 provide increasingly more challenging trampoline routines and Regional is for Affiliated Competitive Athletes only.

Elite is for International Division Affiliated Competitive Athletes only. Any athlete who has competed in Youth, Sub-Junior, Junior or Senior in Trampoline this calendar year is to enter this level.

• In Levels 1 to 5, each competitor gets to do their set routine twice.

• Regional and Elite compete a set routine and a voluntary routine.

Elite - Set Routine - must contain:
1. 10 different elements
2. No more than two elements with less than a 270 degrees somersault rotation
3. At least one skill to a front or back landing with a minimum rotation of 270 degrees
4. At least one skill from a front or back landing position with a minimum rotation of 270 degrees
5. Requirements 3 & 4 cannot be fulfilled by combining them into one element but must be met in separate elements
- Voluntary Routine – athletes’ choice

Regional - Set Routine
- Voluntary Routine – athletes’ choice

Level 1-5 - Set Routine
- Voluntary Routine – Repeat Set Routine

Trampoline Levels and Routines are below:

Trampoline Routines.JPG


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